Picking Out Your Breakdown Insurance Cover

If you’ve ever had a mechanical failure while you were driving from one place to another, you know the benefits of having breakdown cover or roadside assistance. When you have a blowout, or your motor suddenly dies while you are in traffic, it is a real pleasure to have someone you can call for immediate help. But when it comes time to select roadside assistance insurance, there are many choices to make.

Personal Insurance

Personal roadside insurance assistance is great if you are likely to be called upon to drive your own car or truck, a friend’s vehicle, or work vehicles during the course of a day or week. Personal breakdown cover means that no matter what you are driving, you can still call on your breakdown assistance agency for help.

Vehicle Specific Cover

If you usually drive only one vehicle, or if you share a vehicle with others, coverage that is good no matter who is driving your car or truck is an optimal selection. That way you know that whether your spouse, your roommate, you care taker, grandchild or any other person is driving your automobile, it is covered for emergency roadside assistance. This is can give real peace of mind if you have new drivers in the family who are not going to be as well-versed as more experienced motorists in what to do in case of an emergency.

Coverage for Your Driving Habits

Drivers come in all sorts. You might be a retiree who primarily uses your vehicle to visit friends, drive to the store or go to appointments. For you, a basic policy is going to work well. You might add “at home” coverage, which takes care of a dead battery, keys locked in the vehicle or flat tires on the driveway or within ¼ mile of home. But if you are a commuter, you’ll want the more robust commuter coverage. If your vehicle is used to earn cash, you will want a business policy. It is a little more pricey, but better that than discovering because you were transporting goods for your housewares sales party, you are disqualified from coverage.

Who Will Answer Your Call

The person who responds to your call is an employee of the insurance company. His or her job is to provide help for covered motorists who are stalled along the road for whatever reason. You and your responder will have ready access to the home office hotline at all times. You are not alone with strangers if you have breakdown coverage.

When to Get Breakdown Cover

You can subscribe to breakdown insurance for older cars, which usually consists of qualified assistance but might not grant some of the extra perks, at any time. Drivers of newer cars, especially if they wish to quality for assistance with payment for parts, are advised to subscribe to breakdown cover while their vehicle is still under warranty. If this happens, then the breakdown insurance with parts coverage can be renewed even after the warranty expires – conditionally. The conditions often include that the vehicle is less than fifteen years old and has less than 10,000 miles on the odometer.  That might seem impossible, but for an older person who primarily uses their vehicle for social or domestic purposes, it is well within the realm of possibility.

Breakdown for High Use Vehicles

While there are some limits to the cover for vehicles with high mileage or that are aged, roadside assistance is usually available. You might have to pay for parts for this vehicle and there might be limits to the number of times you can call out for it.


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